Fear; an excerpt

Fear manifests itself in many different ways. To many, I seem fearless. To many more, I seem fearful, and weak. To them, there is no in-between. I am either strong, or weak.

The first and biggest flaw in their reasoning is to assume that weakness and strength have anything to do with fear. Fear can be a good thing. Fear is what keeps us from rising toward the sun with wax wings. Some might say that it’s precisely that grounding fear that keeps us from reaching our full potential, but a limitless world will soon become reckless.

I fear many things, and that fear is the very thing that enables me to overcome other fears. It is the fear of dying at the hands of my abusers that gave me the strength to fight back. It is the fear of it happening again that motivated me to strengthen and train myself.

It is fear that keeps me alert, and fear that keeps me alive. Fear of drowning has given me the courage to stand up and fight; fear of fading away has given me the courage to stand out.

Sometimes our greatest barrier is that we are afraid to fear. We all fear. It’s what we do with our fear that makes the difference.



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4 responses to “Fear; an excerpt

  1. Khai

    Yes, yes, 1000x yes!

  2. jerusalemhill

    So many interesting phrases in this piece! Examples of why I’m your dedicated fan. Oh, and I agree with the themes expressed here too.

  3. This is literally perfect

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